If given the drive for digital detoxification, you spend lots of time staring at your phone, that’s not something you must be embarrassed about. The online world’s technology has greatly evolved. Communication has become more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable. Using paper to write down anything is almost a thing of the past.  


But you probably feel some limitations in the virtual world. Some things just need to have a concrete meaning. One aspect of it is personal correspondence. Just as people buy independent design magazines in watching the paper’s weight when turning their covers, reading and writing a tangible letter somehow helps the correspondence to feel real.  


Emails versus Snail Mail 


You may not think about the dozens of emails that you send each day. But your experience will be different every time you pause to write letters. You may be clearing your workspace, pulling your favorite pen, touching your stationery lightly, and then taking moments to create words from the heart 


Therefore, being a writer that you are and submitting written communications send to your loved ones and sometimes, to your acquaintances, creates more personal connection. This is what’s missing when a missive is sent online.  


So while we enjoy clicking and tapping our phones and computer, they’re not a substitute for the simple joys of writing letters on a beautiful stationery paper. Writing wonderful letters is an art on its own.  


When to Write Traditional Letters 


While you may love writing letters, you could be wondering when sending handwritten letters is acceptable. Below are some instances where specific handwritten notes are more appropriate than mere texts, emails, or social media posts 


  1. If you want the person to see that yougenuinelycare.  


Many situations require more than several stock icons or emoticons. All life’s major events, like births and marriages, including moments of sorrow, are sufficient times to give written correspondence.  


  1. If youintendto delight and surprise.  


Because today’s world is digitally powered, imagine the joy of getting pretty physical letters in your mail. These letters are great ways to delight someone that you care about and do something special for them 


  1. If youhaveto express your appreciation.  


There’s nothing better to say thank you than to send a snail mail message to people who have somehow influenced your life. If you’ve really taken the sweet time to put down in words your gratitude, you’ll give more meaning to it 


Emails are discarded soon after they are read. But a person is more likely forced to keep handwritten letters, especially if they are written on pretty stationery papers. If you desire to put your message in such a place, it’s best to write and send it physically.  


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